Back view mount Backy® came as a result of a full year of comprehensive testing in various types of harsh environment.It's made out of stainless steel to cope with the toughest outdoor elements such as sun, water, salt, sand and rocks. Backy® weighs only 0,5kg/17.6 ounces! It's strong and light weight.

Product description
1.Protractor (measurement device for the best angle)

Represents an important and integral part of Backy ® mount. It helps you to set the best possible angle for the best possible shot. You do not require LCD screen in order to know what you are recording. You don't have to worry to miss the best moment due to false angle of the camera. It's made out of the best quality stainless steel. It's small and light weight.

2.Extension (For even better view)

If you wish to see even more (wider view/angle), use the Backy ® extension integrated part. It will give you a higher view point.You will be amazed at what images it can capture! For easy and quick angle adjustment simply use Backy ® protractor. Or you can just use the extension on it’s own for hand use!


Locking ring
3.Locking ring

It locks joint between extension and main rod. Now you don't have to worry when you go radical!





4.Safety loop

It's recommended to attach the camera to the safety loop with a strong cord* which is included in the Backy mount set. This way you'll never loose a camera if something goes wrong.

*Long (for extension use) and short (without extension use) cord is included in the Backy mount set. Find your best angle and get the best shot you want.


5.Mounting plate

Attach the mounting plate to your harness with four screws to firmly place it in position.



Action shots

See yourself form different perspective like never before!

Improve technique

Put it on while you train and see what needs to be improved!

Instruction videos! / Tutorial

If you want to show how you do it, just record yourself.

Record your buddy

Turn camera around and record scene behind you.Left or right sideIf you want you can record from sides. (See mounting instructions)

Left or Right side shots

If you want you can record from the side, no problem! 



Price: 95,99 Eur (with tax)

Material: stainless steel

Weight: 0,5 kg

Color: Black or white




 Complete package includes:
  • Backy mount
  • Protractor
  • Extension
  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Washers
  • Safety line (short and long for extension)
  • Installation instructions
  • FREE Aloha stickers
  • Best for lumbar harness
  • For max. photo frame and best quality use 11mp and wide angle 1700
  • For max. video frame resolution use 960p (50 fps*) and 170o
  • Write down your perfect angles for best video / photos
  • Turn your camera around and record the scene behind you
  • Don’t forget you are the actor!

*fps= frame per second

Before use, read the mounting instructions!We shell not be held responsible for any injuries resulting from the use of ourBacky Mount nor shell we be held responsible for any sustained damegas of yourequipment when using our Backy-mount.Never use it in extreme environment or dangerous situations, or do so at your ownrisk. We are not responsible for any injury or damage threof.


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